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                                      OVERVIEW OF THE FIQR & SIQR

The original Fibromyalgia Impact Questionnaire (FIQ) was developed in the late 1980s by Drs Carol Burckhardt, Sharon Clark and Robert Bennett at Oregon Health & Science University in Portland, Oregon USA. At that time the clinical features of fibromyalgia were just being described, and the FIQ was an attempt to capture the total spectrum of problems related to fibromyalgia and the responses to therapy. The FIQ was first published in 1991 and since that time has been extensively used as an index of disease activity and therapeutic efficacy. Its development is described in separate reviews by Dr. Burckhardt and Dr. Bennett.

The original FIQ has been used in some 300 research publications, and has been translated into
46 languages:

 Afrikaans* English for S. Africa* Icelandic Slovak*
 Arabic* English for the UK* Italian for Italy* Spanish for Argentina*
 Bulgarian* Filipino* Korean* Spanish for Mexico*
 Catalan Finnish for Finland* Mandarin for China* Spanish for Puerto Rico*
 Croatian* French for Belgium* Norwegian for Norway* Spanish for Spain*
 Czech* French for Canada* Polish for Poland* Spanish for the USA*
 Danish for Denmark* French for France* Portuguese for Brazil* Swedish for Sweden*
 Dutch for Belgium (Flemish)* German for Austria* Portuguese for Portugal* Turkish for Turkey
 Dutch for the Netherlands* German for Germany* Romanian* Ukrainian*
 English for Canada* Greek* Russian for Israel* Moroccan
 English for Ireland Hebrew* Russian for Ukraine*  
 English for New Zealand Hungarian* Serbian*  

* These translations were performed by the MAPI Institute

Development of the FIQR/FIQR

In 2009 Drs Robert Bennett and Ron Friend and colleagues at OHSU revised the original FIQ to remedy issues that had become apparent over the years since its introduction in 1991. The revised FIQ, now called the FIQR, has replaced the original FIQ for routine use in fibromyalgia related studies and routine clinical use. This major revision corrects the problems encountered in the original FIQ; and eliminates the complex scoring of the original FIQ.


A version of the FIQR that omits the word fibromyalgia, the "SIQR" (the Symptom Impact Questionnaire), can be used for comparing fibromyalgia patients to patients with other diagnoses. This has been used to evaluate symptoms that characterize rheumatoid arthritis (RA), lupus (SLE) and fibromyalgia (FM).

Questionaire Formats

The FIQR and SIQR can be used as paper versions or adapted to on-line use. They both take about  2 minutes to complete, and hand scoring takes approximately 1 minute.

Comparison of FIQR and FIQ

The results of the total FIQR can be reasonably compared with the results reported in older papers using the original FIQ, as is seen in this
scatterplot of the total score for the FIQR and FIQ in 202 FM subjects (r=0.88, p<0.001). 

Taken from:   Bennett RM, Friend R, Jones KD, Ward R, Han BK, Ross RL. The Revised Fibromyalgia
Impact Questionnaire (FIQR): validation and psychometric properties.

Use of the FIQR and SIQR

 Use of the FIQR and SIQR is
free for academic and clinical projects.

Use of the FIQR or SIQR in commercial projects is subject to certain fees, depending on the scope of the project. For general information on commercial use refer to the MAPI website, and then send an email to MAPI for information that is more specific to your project.

The FIQR and SIQR are licensed by the MAPI Research Trust on behalf of the copyright holders. License information and other details can be seen on the MAPI website.